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Oral Presentations will occur for half days

Monday, August 16th, 2021: Key unresolved questions about the chemistry and structure of humic substances Maria De Nobili, University of Udine, Italy

Tuesday, August 17th, 2021: Agricultural and commercial applications of humic substances Dan Olk, USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment, USA

Tuesday, August 17th, 2021: Climate change and wildfire impacts on organic matter Andrew Wozniak, University of Delaware, USA

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021: Reactivity of DOM in Surface Waters and during Water Treatment William Becker, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Thursday, August 19th, 2021: Stabilization mechanisms of soil organic matter Malak Tfaily, Environmental Science, Arizona State University, USA

Thursday, August 19th, 2021: Interactions of NOM with Nanoparticles

Friday, August 20th, Analytical methods for characterization of humic substances in soil and water Heike Knicker, Instituto de Recursos Naturales y AgrobiologĂ­a de Sevilla, Spain

Complete Agenda

The complete schedule of speakers is actively being updated here! Poster submissions are available online!

Other Events

Monday August 16th, 2021: Student Travel Award Highlights featuring six minute lighting talks by sixteen graduate student awardees and poster session

August 16-27th, 2021: Daily thematic posters; posters available for viewing and commenting at any time on Symposium

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Maria De Nobili

Monday, August 16th, 2021: Key unresolved questions about the chemistry and structure of humic substances

Dr. Maria De Nobili is Full Professor of Soil Science and Environmental Chemistry and head of the Environmental Soil Functionality group at the Department of Agrifood, Environmental and Animal Sciences of the University of Udine (Italy) Her main scientific interests have been soil organic matter dynamics and soil biological properties. Her approach to the study of humic substances has aimed to investigate links between humification trends and soil biological activity considering pedoclimatic conditions with particular attention to submergence and agricultural soil management. Her present research focuses on the consequences of plant biological invasions on soil properties and the redox state of humic substances in tidal soils and sediments and their relationship with sulfide and toxic metals immobilization. Other interests include the composting of sewage sludge and organic wastes (two patents) and their use in agriculture, particularly in relation to methane emission/oxidation in soil.

She served in the Board of Directors of the IHSS from 2000 to 2008 and as President of the Society from 2004 to 2006. She was Honorary Chairperson of Humic Substances Seminar VII (Boston, 2002) and Chairperson of the scientific committees of the 12th and of the 13th IHSS international conferences held in Sao Pedro (Brazil) in 2004 and in Karlsruhe (Germany) in 2006.